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Affordable Loft Conversions

With Roof-Space conversions ltd

Loft Conversions (Plans to completion)

Welcome to Roof-space, your one stop shop for professional loft conversions in East Lancashire covering the M65 corridor and the Ribble Valley.



Who are we?


Roof-space has more than 25 years

experience in the loft conversion

industry, and since we began our

loft conversion business we have

continually surpassed the expectations

of our customers with the quality of the

work we carry out, the professionalism

of our work, the low cost we offer our services

and materials at, and of course our friendly




Who are our services available to?


Our services are available to any

customer who wants to have some extra

space in their home or who wants to add

value to their house. We offer a full personal

service, with no salesmen or hard sells involved.

We even offer free estimates and full project




Please contact us if you would like to talk to us about your loft conversion. We will advise you about planning and building regulations, and give you a idea on the cost of you project. We can also arrange for you to see some conversions that we have completed in your area.